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Trekking Trips

• K-2 Base Camp Gondogoro La Trek
• K-2 Base Camp Trek
• Masherbrum Base Camp Trek
• Charakusa glacier (K7 base camp trek)
• Spantik base camp trek
• Chillinji pass trek
• Thalle La (4572 M) trek
• Batura glacier trek
• Shimshal valley trek
• Nanga Parbat trekking

The lofty mountains ranges of Karakoram, Himalayas, and Hindukush offer great opportunities for Trekking, which are unparalleled in the world. The area is aptly called a paradise for trekkers, adventure and nature lovers. The most famous and thrilling travel in Pakistan is trekking. The Northern Areas of Pakistan is ideal for trekking and nature watching. The area is less populated and no pollution as yet. One can enjoy the unspoiled and pollution free atmosphere, and natural beauty of the land.

No guidebook or assistance map can lead you through this wilderness of lost horizons. No one have yet succeeded in conveying to those who have not known the Northern Areas of Pakistan, no try at a scale can convey the effect of such mighty scenery, “ A enormous collection of snow clad peaks would rise from the blanket of mist in the valleys, unearthly world of purest beauty etched out of a deep blue sky, it seemed quite untouched by man. Throughout North Pakistan, each day’s travel brings constant revelation and the magic of incomparable vistas, breathtaking discoveries of the snowy mountains crests, dynamic and colourful cultures, rare wildlife, like the Ibex, and snow leopard, jade lakes and chuckling streams, dancing waterfalls, and pine cloaked hills ablaze in summer with glorious alpine flowers.

Besides high mountains, Karakoram is inhabited by the largest glaciers outside the polar regions, including Siachen Glacier, 75 kms long, Biafo, 68 kms, Baltoro Glacier, 62 kms, Batura Glacier, 58 kms, Hispar Glacier, 53 kms, Rimo Glacier, 45 kms, Chogo Lungma, 47 kms, Panmah Glacier, 44 kms, Khurdopin Glacier, 41 kms, and Sarpo Laggo Glacier, 33 kms and many more.
The Karakoram Highway and other subsidiary roads have made it easier and quicker to reach starting point of the treks into the region. Enjoyable trekking itineraries ranging from a few days to one month can be arranged. Some of the shorter routes can also be linked together. Many of the treks pass through violent and craggy mountains vistas, lead over long glaciers and finish at the base of a high peak. Some of the trekking routes cross the high passes, some of which become technical ascent due to extreme changes in the pattern and movement of the glaciers.

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