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Gashrbrum-I is the 3rd highest peak of Pakistan and the eleventh highest peak of the world. The other name of the peak is Hidden Peak, a name given it Mr. William Martin Conwey in 1892 for its tremendous remoteness. Gasherbrum is an isolated group of high peaks in the Karakoram, situated at the northeast end of the Baltoro glacier. The first attempt to climb Gasherbrum-1 was made in 1936 by a French expedition led by H.De Segogne, but they could not climb beyond camp-5 at an altitude of 6797 meters. The first to succeed to the top was done in July, 1958 by Mr. Pete Schoening and Andrew Kauffman of an American expedition led by Mr. Nich Clinch.

In the Balti language the Gasherbrum means “Shining wall”. Gasherbrum group has six peaks and Gasherbrum-I is one of them. The approach route to Gasherbrum base camp starts from Skardu and the approach trek starts from the Askole village on the Baltoro glacier.

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